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Why Badgr?

Badgr is trusted by over 12,000 issuing organizations spanning 100 countries. Millions of users earn, share, and use digital credentials in Badgr every day.

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Leading the pack in digital badging technology

No other platform is backed by the engineering expertise that comes with Badgr.

  • Badgr is the only platform that features portable, stackable learning pathways that can integrate badges from other platforms.
  • Our open, high-availability APIs and international data centers power hundreds of interconnected badging systems and platforms worldwide.
  • Badgr is the only digital badging platform endorsed by Mozilla.

Visualize lifelong learning

You won’t find any other pathways tool that delivers the power of Badgr Pathways.

  • Others talk about pathways, but only Badgr Pathways turns badges earned from any platform into keys that open doors to new opportunities.
  • Build brand awareness within your target audiences by creating pathways that build from specific certifications.
  • Join thousands of other organizations in creating networks of opportunities for learners everywhere.

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