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With pathways, badges from any Open Badges compliant platform can be stacked together in alignment with competency frameworks. Learners have an easy-to-understand map view of where they are in a curriculum. And just like they can share badges, learners can share their pathway progress - including the steps that they have not yet completed. This allows a learner to share the directionality of their journey, not simply the credentials they already have.

How it Works

Pathways integrates with our Badgr BadgeRank service, allowing Open Badges from the major badging platforms of the world to be searched within a single interface and added to a pathway. Badges can be inspected and evaluated on criteria such as the skills they are tagged with or the badge’s alignment to a framework such as NGSS or the Georgia Standards for K-12 Mathematics.

Learners can see where they are in a learning pathway, as well as what they need to do next. More importantly, learners can see all pathways upon which their credentials fall - answering one of the most fundamental questions in the digital credential space: Why would a learner want one? Now we have a meaningful answer: To see what new opportunities it unlocks for them.

Because Badgr Pathways is based on our proposed new Open Pathways standard, pathways can be stacked across organizations allowing the creation of data-driven bridges between the programs offered by education institutions, employers, and organizations that provide alternative credentials. Open Pathways allows us to reimagine the learning pathway as an open, portable data object - just like badges themselves.

Stacking credentials is no longer just a naming convention - and sharing badges to a social network is no longer the end of their usefulness. With Badgr Pathways, we can move beyond discussing static snapshots of learning and begin guiding learners to achieve better outcomes - no matter where their lifelong learning journeys may take them.

Example Pathway

Image of a Pathway

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In this example, we’re stacking badges from 10 different Issuing organizations across 3 badging platforms. The core curriculum portion of the pathway is aligned to the California CTE Model Curriculum Standards for Biotechnology. This pathway demonstrates how you can combine standards-aligned academic curriculum with alternative credentials from external organizations. The Biotech Lab Assistant Certificate can be earned via a badge from a local high school program, illustrating cross-institutional program stacking.


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