Badgr for Canvas and Badgr Pro for Canvas

Badgr for Canvas

Track learner achievement in Canvas Courses

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Badgr integrates with the Canvas LMS with our free app available from the EduAppCenter.

Use the flexible Canvas modules system to organize your course the skills and knowledge that matters. By awarding Open Badges in Canvas, you can create a portable, visible record for your students of what they actually learned - one that employers and peers can readily understand.

Award Unlimited Badges for Free in Canvas

Automatically award module completion badges in Canvas courses to give students meaningful credentials that directly represent the skills and experiences employers are looking for.

You can add Badgr to a single course or an entire Canvas Account (or Sub-Account). Sign up for a free account and contact us to get started:


Gamify your course by allowing students to compete for badges with the optional course leaderboards, letting students track their progress alongside their peers while protecting student privacy.

Learn to use Open Badges effectively in Canvas courses!

Enroll for Gamify your Canvas Course with Badgr Open Badges. It’s free and easy! The course takes approximately 1-3 hours, working at your own pace. You’ll learn how to install Badgr and assign badges to modules for automatic badge awards, and you’ll receive a badge when you complete the course.

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Badgr Pro for Canvas

Tools for understanding student achievements

Activate powerful new features with a paid Badgr Pro account! Institutions of all sizes can use Badgr Pro to deeply understand and report on course metrics and student learning achievements across the courses in their Canvas account.

See badges your students are earning

Get a window into the skills that are being recognized in your institution and how many students are learning them.

See what teachers and courses are most effective with badges

Get an overview of the courses awarding the most badges and drill deep into each course’s award data to see how different teachers are using badges. Compare effectiveness of different course approaches to recognizing the same skills.

Understand how your students are claiming and sharing their Open Badges to their social media presence on LinkedIn and Facebook.


Canvas integration is free. Add the analytics power of Badgr Pro for Canvas for a low yearly rate based on the number of students in courses where Badgr Pro is installed during the subscription annual period.

Participants Cost
0 - 100 $50 per year
101 - 500 $250 per year
501 - 2,000 $900 per year
2,001 - 5,000 $2,000 per year
5,000+ Email us for a quote

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